Detroit house party!

cropped-mapdetroit21.jpgWelcome to Detroit!

What: Party at our Detroit house

When: August 29++

Where: Detroit City (we’ll email you with the address and directions)

Why: #BecauseDetroit
OK guys, it’s time for you all to see what we love about Detroit. The house may or may not be in any kind of shape for visitors by then, but if nothing else we can hang out in the back yard. We want all our friends and family to come to the D, check out our house, explore the city, eat some good food, hear some good music, and, yeah, by the way, celebrate our birthdays. (One of us is turning 40.) Make a weekend of it!

I’ll be providing details on places to stay and tips if this is your first time to Detroit so stay tuned, and check the Facebook event page. In the meantime this will get you started in planning your weekend adventures in the D.

And this: An Incredible Day of Shopping in Detroit. Yes, Detroit

and Crawling Around the Motor City: Detroit’s Ultimate Whiskey Tour




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